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Beacon Meadows North Presents New Stuff!

Beacon Meadows North Presents New Stuff!
This is a collection of assorted unreleased material from Beacon Meadows North artists Machines On A Sunny Day, Drew Bauchmann, Aduran De Ronov, Faiyaz And Jasmine and Dr. Robert M.D.. “Today” was originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins. “The Past” was originally performed by Never Shout Never.

01. Machines On A Sunny Day – Freedown
02. Drew Bauchmann – First Song13543
03. Aduran De Ronov – Today (feat. Jenn Hill)
04. Faiyaz And Jasmine – Bicycle
05. Rise Of The Lion – Banter (live @ Nathan Philips Square)
06. Dr. Robert M.D. – The Past
07. Cassandra Rose – One Hell Of A Feeling (MAN3’s Tripballs Valley Remix)

>>Download here:
Beacon Meadows Presents New Stuff!

Faiyaz And Drew: Faiyaz And Drew

Faiyaz And Drew: Faiyaz And Drew
This is the first album by Faiyaz And Drew, recorded in 2013. “Breathe” was originally performed by Pink Floyd. “Purple Haze” was originally performed by Jimi Hendrix. “Day ‘n’ Night” was originally performed by Kid Cudi.

“On a cold Winter day, Beacon Meadows North branched out musically, meteorologically and geographically. During a snowy day of firsts, Drew and I came together to put acoustic guitar and tom drums together. Somewhere between previous Beacon Meadows acoustic jams and the many tribal jams is where this session resides. Unlike previous acoustic jams, the music was not rehearsed prior to the outing. That being said, this does not mean all tracks are original songs. The session pulls from many influences, such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Kid Cudi and my original material. Expect great things to come.”
-Faiyaz Shah

01. Faiyaz And Drew – Breathe
02. Faiyaz And Drew – Purple Haze
03. Faiyaz And Drew – Day ‘n’ Night WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE
04. Faiyaz And Drew – Belgian Danish
05. Faiyaz And Drew – Is This Sound (Highway Star)

Breathe [lyrics: R. Waters/music: D. Gilmour, R. Wright] . Purple Haze [lyrics and music: J. Hendrix] . Day ‘n’ Night [Dot da Genius, Kid Cudi] . Belgian Danish [music: D. Bauchmann, F. Shah] . Is This Sound (Highway Star) [lyrics and music: F. Shah] .

Produced by MAN3 / Performed by Faiyaz Shah and Drew Bauchmann / Recorded @ High Park, Toronto 03-03-2013 / Mixed @ Windermere Gardens, Toronto /

>>Download here:
Faiyaz And Drew: Faiyaz And Drew