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Beacon Meadows North Presents New Stuff!

Beacon Meadows North Presents New Stuff!
This is a collection of assorted unreleased material from Beacon Meadows North artists Machines On A Sunny Day, Drew Bauchmann, Aduran De Ronov, Faiyaz And Jasmine and Dr. Robert M.D.. “Today” was originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins. “The Past” was originally performed by Never Shout Never.

01. Machines On A Sunny Day – Freedown
02. Drew Bauchmann – First Song13543
03. Aduran De Ronov – Today (feat. Jenn Hill)
04. Faiyaz And Jasmine – Bicycle
05. Rise Of The Lion – Banter (live @ Nathan Philips Square)
06. Dr. Robert M.D. – The Past
07. Cassandra Rose – One Hell Of A Feeling (MAN3’s Tripballs Valley Remix)

>>Download here:
Beacon Meadows Presents New Stuff!

Meet Beacon Meadows North… Cassandra Rose

My name’s Cassandra Rose,
Ive been into the artistic side of the world ever since I can remember. Between modelling, singing, writing, making beats and drawing as well as love for the world of INK and tattoos Ive tried it all and have always found the creative side of life comforting. Growing up in a VERY small town (and surrounded by equally small minded people) in Ontario Canada, brought out the unexamined side of my brain at a very young age. Always questioning and be curious of the unseen and what can be openly talked about and what cannot. Being the one looked at as ‘different’ or ‘strange’ lead me to find the perfect Zion in which my place is in this life. One thing that’s a definite for as long as human existence is still around is that Art as well as its creative surroundings will always have an impact on our lives and how we live it, view it, feel it…and that there is no good or bad… there just is.

Cassandra Rose is a model and musician based in Toronto, Ontario. She has been with Beacon Meadows since 2012.