Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest: Duet

Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest: Duet
This is the first Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest album, recorded in mid-2009. This is a joint Beacon Meadows/Beacon Meadows North release.

“I had brought a cheap keyboard I got in China Town, along with my laptop and some weird records I had found in a dollar bin somewhere over to Xaos Beast’s place, where he had his laptop already set up for himself, as well as two turntables and a mixing console with effects for me. The second track is an almost half-hour long jam session.”

01. Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest – Duet
02. Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest – Release Me

Duet [music: MAN3, X. Beast] . Release Me [music: MAN3, X. Beast] .

Produced by MAN3 & Xaos Beast / Written and performed by MAN3 & Xaos Beast / Edited by Xaos Beast / Recorded and mixed @ Xaos Beast’s Home, Toronto / MAN3 Thanks: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Xaos Beast, 1200 Micrograms, Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, cEvin Key, Shpongle, Unkle /

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Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest: Duet

Meet Beacon Meadows North… Robert Oh

Born out of rendition sedition and vocal collision
Maybe more collusion and illusion to make a sound solution
He is the best that ever was not because he ever was
But because he never was
Whats that thing he always does
Oh ya that distorted fuzz
Well just because!

Robert Oh is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Toronto, Ontario. He manages Beacon Meadows North and is a member of Noble Savage, Noble Salvage (Noble Savage with MAN3), MDM (with MAN3 and J. Matthew Snell), Dr. Robert M.D. (with MAN3), Big Ass High Trees (with Batrick, Jacque and MAN3), Scarbage (with Skunky and Wes), MDFM Hospital Radio (with …Hi, MAN3 and Faiyaz Shah), Letitia On Rocks (with Botchbud, …Hi, MAN3 and Faiyaz Shah), Rise Of The Nobly Wasted (with Aduran De Ronov, Charles Robitaille and Faiyaz Shah) and Hydra-Phonics (with MAN3 and Skunky). He has been with Beacon Meadows since 2009.