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Cassandra Rose | Cassandra Rose (Art By Cassandra Rose)
Jeremiah Giuliano | This Noble Savage

YouTube Channels

Beacon Meadows North (Main YT Channel) | Cassandra Rose

Soundcloud Pages

BMN Jams | Big Ass High Trees | Dr. Robert MD | Embryo Concepts
Jeremiah Giuliano | MDM | This Noble Savage

Other External Pages

Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances (Bandcamp) | Rise Of The Lion (Official Website)

Northern Friends

Alessio Oissela (Soundcloud) | Luca Lussoso (Official Website)
Luca Lussoso’s Dante Film (Official Website / Official Trailer / Kickstarter)

UNTi is a monthly music event happening every 3rd Thursday, hosting different bands and a variety of genres. No need for categories, you’ll get a great dose of local bands here every time. UNTi is also trying to foster a tight creative community and a wider connection to Toronto as a whole.

UNTi Facebook Page

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