History Of The North

Beacon Meadows North is the second official imprint of Beacon Meadows, informally established in 2008 and officially launched in late 2012 to focus on the Canadian artists within the ever-expanding Beacon Meadows family. It is managed by Robert Oh, who is a member of several collaborative music groups.

With MAN3‘s relocation to Canada in 2008 came the informal creation of Beacon Meadows North with members from the Great White North: psy-trance DJ Xaos Beast (with whom MAN3 started the project Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest) and producer Vagabondage (with whom MAN3 started the project Embryo Concepts). Later, in 2009, Vagabondage introduced MAN3 to vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Robert Oh who would collaborate on many projects with Beacon Meadows, including managing Beacon Meadows North. Along with the bassist from his live project Noble Savage and MAN3, he formed Noble Salvage, the first of a long line of Beacon Meadows North jam bands. In 2010, Robert Oh introduced MAN3 to Georgia blues-man Charlie Blood B and the three formed the experimental blues jam band MDM with some collaborations from singer-songwriter Aduran De Ronov (vocalist and guitarist for Rise Of The Lion). In early 2012, after Charlie Blood B moved back to Georgia, MAN3 and Robert Oh formed the duo Dr. Robert MD. During their visit to Toronto in March of 2012, Batrick and multi-media artist Jacque (Wes‘ sister), formed the jam band Big Ass High Trees with MAN3 and Robert Oh. In June of 2012, Aduran De Ronov and Robert Oh began work on a live jam based project called Aduran And Robert Oh.

The official launch party for Beacon Meadows North was held on Black Friday 2012. With the launch of the imprint came a few new additions to the family: woodwinds/electronics artist Seán Ceallaigh, singer/multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Giuliano, singer/guitarist/electronic musician …Hi and experimental guitarist Faiyaz Shah. Previously established Beacon Meadows members drummer/noise artist Konrad Epp and model/musician Cassandra Rose also made the move up north at the imprint’s official conception. In early December of 2012, …Hi, Robert Oh, Faiyaz Shah and MAN3 formed the jam band MDFM Hospital Radio and then at the end of the month, along with Hyena Productions artist Botchbud, they formed the jam band Letitia On Rocks.

In early January 2013, Faiyaz Shah and MAN3 formed the collaborative duo Faiyaz And MAN3. Later that month, Aduran De Ronov, Robert Oh, Rise Of The Lion drummer Charles Robitaille and Faiyaz Shah formed the jam band Rise Of The Nobly Wasted. In early March 2013 Faiyaz Shah and drummer Drew Bauchmann formed by the acoustic duo Faiyaz And Drew. In April of 2013, MAN3, Robert Oh and Skunky released a collaborative album as Hydra-Phonics. In December of 2013, Robert Oh rebranded his live band Noble Savage as This Noble Savage.

In March of 2014, Seán Ceallaigh, Robert Oh, Faiyaz Shah and Hyena Productions artist Botchbud formed an unnamed jam band.

Beacon Meadows North Catalogue (Music)

BMM14-01 Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest: Duet
BMM15-01 Embryo Concepts: Arrive In K At Old Nav

BMM18-01 Noble Savage: (2010-12-09) The Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto

BMM18-02 Noble Savage: (2011-01-22) The 460, Toronto
BMM18-03 Noble Savage: (2011-04-21) Lomography, Toronto
BMM18a-01 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage I
BMM18a-02 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage II
BMM18a-03 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage III
BMM18a-04 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage IV
BMM18-04 Noble Savage: (2011-08-13) The Atanas Party House, Toronto
BMM18a-05 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage V
BMM18a-06 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage VI
BMM23-01 MDM: This Is For When You’re Naked
BMM24-02 MDM: Dick Nazis And Wine Comas
BMM18a-07 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage VII
BMM23-03 MDM: Adventures In Trance And Space
BMM23-04 MDM: Getting Cold
BMM23-05 MDM: Music Made For Torture
BMM23-06 MDM: Late Nights And Early Mornings
BMM15-02 Embryo Concepts: Second Album
BMM24-01 Cassandra Rose: One Hell Of A Feeling

BMM18-05 Noble Savage: (2012-01-20) Bovine Sex Club, Toronto
BMM18-06 Noble Savage: (2012-03-20) The Supermarket, Toronto
BMM25-01 Big Ass High Trees: Ten Days In Toronto (Original Soundtrack)
BMM25-02 Big Ass High Trees: Pretty Girl (Versions)
BMM27-01 Aduran De Ronov: (2012-06-22) The Rivoli, Toronto
BMM18-07 Noble Savage: (2012-05-04) The Drake, Toronto
BMM28-01 Dr. Robert M.D.: Preliminary Exam
BMM28-02 Dr. Robert M.D.: Contraindications
BMM18-08 Noble Savage: (2012-07-11) The Velvet Underground, Toronto
BMM28-03 Dr. Robert M.D.: Med School
BMM18a-08 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage VIII
BMM18a-09 Noble Salvage: Noble Salvage IX
BMM26a-01 Aduran & Robert Oh: Jams Jammed Together
NOM06-01 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Leaving Birds On The Moon
NOM03-01 Noble Savage: (2012-10-21) The Garrison, Toronto
NOM06a-01 Faiyaz And Jasmine: At High Park
NOM07-01 MDFM Hospital Radio: Movember Rain
NOM06-02 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Playing For Pigeons
NOM03-02 Noble Savage: (2012-1-16) 760 Bathurst, Toronto
NOM08-01 CuntBucket: The Sordid Sessions
NOM09-01 Letitia On Rocks: Pilot Error In A Heavy Fog
NOM09-02 Letitia On Rocks: The Airing Of Grievances, Feats Of Strength And The Miracle Of Festivus

NOM03-03 Noble Savage: (2012-12-20) The Central, Toronto
NOM06a-02 Faiyaz And Jasmine: At The Waterfall
NOM06b-01 Faiyaz And MAN3: The Murky Haze
NOM06-03 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: (2013-01-11) The Smiling Buddha, Toronto
NOM00-01 Beacon Meadows North Presents Love Songs 2013
NOM10-01 Rise Of The Nobly Wasted: Rise Of The Nobly Wasted
NOM11-01 Faiyaz And Drew: Faiyaz And Drew
BMM30-01 Hydra-Phonics: Legend Of The Blue Hyena
NOM06-04 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Fuck Spice Smoke Weed (Original Soundtrack)
NOM00-02 Beacon Meadows North Presents 420 At The Central 2013
NOM06b-02 Faiyaz And MAN3: (2013-05-16) The Central, Toronto
NOM06c-01 Machines On A Sunny Day: Machines On A Sunny Day
NOM06-05 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Outtakes & Unreleased, Vol. I
NOM12-01 Grizwald: Grizwald
NOM06-06 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: (2013-11-14) Clinton’s, Toronto
BMM18a-10 Noble Salvage: The Rotten Tropics Mixes
NOM13-01 This Noble Savage: (2013-12-06) 461A College, Toronto

NOM06-07 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: So Blue
NOM06-08 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Outtakes & Unreleased, Vol. II
NOM06b-03 Faiyaz And MAN3: Kanye West On Drugs

NOM00-03 Beacon Meadows Presents New Stuff!

NOM06-09 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Outtakes & Unreleased, Vol. III
NOM06-10 Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances: Pedestrian Sunday

Beacon Meadows North Catalogue (Videos)

NOV01-01 Who Is Faiyaz Shah?

NOV00-01 Beacon Meadows North Launch Party

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