Faiyaz And MAN3: Kanye West On Drugs

Faiyaz And MAN3: Kanye West On Drugs
This is the second album by Faiyaz And MAN3, recorded in 2014.

“No distance can stop the great powerhouse duo Faiyaz And MAN3 from creating. Between their first release The Murky Haze and this, much has happened. Homes, equipment, women, even countries have all changed. Yet one thing doesn’t: the desire to create. So without any further interruption, here is Faiyaz And MAN3: Kayne West On Drugs.”
-Faiyaz Shah

01. Faiyaz And MAN3 – Endorphin Annie
02. Faiyaz And MAN3 – Spit On The Rich
03. Faiyaz And MAN3 – Kanye West On Drugs
04. Faiyaz And MAN3 – Get In Line
05. Faiyaz And MAN3 – My Oh My (You Must Be Drunk)
06. Faiyaz And MAN3 – Dat Funky

Produced, written and performed by MAN3 and Faiyaz Shah / MAN3′s contributions recorded and mixed at various locations in Tampa and Toronto / Faiyaz Shah’s contributions recorded and mixed @ Siskin Terrace, Toronto /

>>Download here:
Faiyaz And MAN3: Kanye West On Drugs

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